Dear Partners,
We make ‘Nemo Album’, which has a unique value of possession through various certification systems, and ‘Nemoz’, an app which shows the contents to the customers smartly with values. Nemo Album is a new type of media and a smart album with ESG values. We certify the authenticity of each album with our unique certification systems. Once customers activate the album, they can play the music and contents on Nemoz App.
We want all the artists, regardless of genres such as K-POP idols, independent bands, hip-hop, trots, musicals, classics, and so on, to easily issue Nemo Albums. We want the culture of spending an album as a unit to spread widely. We want to revive the culture of giving an album and music as a present through Nemo Album. Nemoz wants to be a good partner that can contribute to the companies which make good music and the artists.

Nemo Album Production Inquiry

We provide various types of Nemo Albums so the right-holders can choose which type to issue according to their needs. The unit price becomes lower as the right-holders profit gets higher. If you want to issue Nemo Album, please send us inquiries without hesitation. We are ready to accept any kind of cooperation.
Please click ‘Inquiries on Nemo Album production and cooperation’ and send us the form. We will reply to you in 1 working day.
Inquiries on Nemo Album production and cooperation If you have any inquiries, you can also send an email via the address below.

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Application for Demo Album Nemoz App cannot be used without the ‘Nemo Album’. If you want to see how Nemo Album works on Nemoz App, please click ‘Application for Demo Album’ and send us the form. We will check your information and activate a Demo Album on your account.